Historical and ancient monuments of Talkhooncheh

Talkhooncheh is a beautiful and historical city with its historical and ancient monuments. This city is located in the southeastern tip of Isfahan province, Mobarakeh city. According to research, the Talkhooncheh region is 1,000 years old. and has historical monuments of different areas, including mosques with Safavid architecture, castles, and old buildings. Two old mosques with a history of more than 500 years are remembered in this city. Perhaps it can be said that these mosques date back to before the Safavid era. There are several ruined semi-military and residential towers and fortifications in the city.

Among the old monuments and buildings of Talkhooncheh, the following works can be mentioned:

  • The castle of the Yavari family
  • Sarhang historic garden (which in recent years was unfortunately destroyed in the plan to build the only belt in the city of Talkhooncheh, which connects the west of the city to the east of the city, and now only a few trees remain)
  • Castle of Ibrahim Khan Yavari
  • Kazemi Castle
  •  Ghazi Castle
  • Sharifabad Castle (known in the local language as Jenny Peak)
  • Reza Mosque with more than 500 years of history.
  •  Ghaem  Mosque is more than 500 years old.
  • Imam Ali Mosque or Chaharborji Mosque with more than 700 years of history.
  • Talkhoon Pigeon tower
  • Haj Kazem Ecotourism House
  • Haj Abolghasem Taheri Ecotourism House
  • Ecotourism traditional Niyaziha restaurant
  • There are many historic houses in the style of Qajar and Pahlavi architecture, as well as the remains of many castles
  • The multi-thousand-year-old Zoroastrian temple, which has been turned into a mosque today, is the Khyber Mosque, which is one of the first mosques in the Isfahan province
  • The historic bridge over the Shoor River
  • Aminabad desert
  • Seyed Mohammad track place
  • Tomb of the Seven Brothers
مسجد الرضا

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Sharifabad Castle

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Talkhooncheh Pigeon Tower

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